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SLAVONIAN SOULFOOD Čobanac (Slavonian shepherd stew)

Slavonians have always known how to turn the riches of fields, forests and rivers into a delicious bite and take pride in the abundance of good food. Kind Slavonian soul, noble heart and well-known hospitality will make enjoyment in these … Continue reading

Peach Shaped Cookies Recipe – Croatian Breskvice

Peach-shaped cookies or breskvice No wedding, christening or any big family gathering in Slavonia and Baranja is complete without these indulgent and delicious sweets. Their names Breskvice literally say what they are.  The Slavonian dining table groans most of all … Continue reading

Non-vegetarian heaven in Continental Croatia

My buddy and I went to Osijek last fall and we stayed with some of his Croatian mates. We were sure the food there would be “really weird” and that we’d find it hard to eat, but we were so … Continue reading