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I’ve only been to Croatia in my dreams.

Zdravo (: My name is Mario, I am 16 and I live in northern Spain, I am student and photographer, and, even if I have never been to Croatia, I love it. Since I was a kid, I got amazed … Continue reading

If the water is warm. Jump in.

On October 4, 2009, after 4 days in Vienna, I headed to Zagreb, Croatia’s capital. My Couchsurfing host met me at the train station and brought me home to meet his sister and friends. During the days he would took … Continue reading

Croatian love

My trips around Croatia have an story behind. It is the country of one of the most important people to me. He lives in Zagreb so when I go there I ususally go there. I have gone 3 times. First … Continue reading

From Croatia with love…

It was the 8 pm of the 22nd of September of 2009, I had just landed in Zagreb’s airport, it was already dark. It was the first time I was visiting Croatia. I took the opportunity to visit the country … Continue reading

My week in Rabac

I’ve been for a week, more or less, in Rabac at the Valamr Albona Hotel. It has been a very wonderful week. I had the time to have a good long walk in the area of the harbour, taking a … Continue reading


You have to try oysters from Ston

My husband and I are food lovers — boy do they know how to eat over there… Has anyone ever tried the oysters of Ston? This is a small picturesque town not far from Dubrovnik. The waters around Ston are … Continue reading