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First time in Croatia and… we were amazed: excellent weather all the time, blue sea with unforgettable sunsets, rich woods, but it wasn’t all. You add cheap and good restaurants everywhere, several artistic sites under the Unesco to see all … Continue reading

Great food & wine, among other things!

Croatia is really a very attractive and unspoilt place, with just enough in the way of restaurants and cafés, and none of the over commercialization you find in other Mediterranean countries. Pretty countryside, friendly locals (they seem to like visitors … Continue reading


My family’s heritage is Croatian, but I never really embraced that as a kid growing up in Canada. Before my father passed away he would talk to me about going to Croatia and I always thought he was nuts! Why … Continue reading

Rovinj, Pula, Brioni

Croatia, Croatia, Croatia! What a place! Last summer we decided to explore the Istrian coast.  We drove to a small town called Rovinj which was very pretty, centred around their port and full of beautiful people. We walked up to … Continue reading


You have to try oysters from Ston

My husband and I are food lovers — boy do they know how to eat over there… Has anyone ever tried the oysters of Ston? This is a small picturesque town not far from Dubrovnik. The waters around Ston are … Continue reading