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Dalmatian Kremšnita

I would like to share with you a new Croatian dessert, the Dalmatian Kremšnita. This individual dessert consists of a custard flavored with mandarin honey, sandwiched between two layers of carob puff pastry, and served with a hefty spoonful of … Continue reading

Pinca – Croatian Easter bread

Pinca, also known as sirnica, is a traditional sweet Croatian Easter bread. Pinca is a very rich bread made with butter, eggs and usually flavoured with rum, raisins and citrus zest. It’s traditionally  eaten to celebrate the end of Lent. … Continue reading

SLAVONIAN SOULFOOD Čobanac (Slavonian shepherd stew)

Slavonians have always known how to turn the riches of fields, forests and rivers into a delicious bite and take pride in the abundance of good food. Kind Slavonian soul, noble heart and well-known hospitality will make enjoyment in these … Continue reading

Krafne (Croatian Doughnuts)

It’s coming up to carnival time in Croatia which means time for krafne. INGREDIENTS 500 g flour (white, for bread) 7 g dry yeast (package for 500g flour) 6 egg yolks 50 g sugar (white) 1⁄4 teaspoon salt 1 cup … Continue reading

Croatian Bakalar

BAKALAR. The Christmas meal in Croatia nearly always includes bakalar, a simple stew of dried cod and potatoes! Recipe 1 BAKALAR (Codfish) Soak approximately 5 pounds bakalar in cold water for 2 days, changing water often to remove excess salt from … Continue reading

Fritule Croatian Traditional Christmas Eve sweets

Fritule is actually a Croatian Christmas dessert! These are like little doughnuts. At Christmas time you’ll find a plate of fritule in every Croatian household. Fritue Recipe: INGREDIENTS 125ml warm milk 251ml sugar 1750ml all purpose flour 500ml boiling water (not … Continue reading


I am from Spain and now I am living temporarily in Croatia (I hope it can lasts more) as an EVS (European Voluntary Service) and since I came I started to write about this country. This is my blog: http://croaticamente.wordpress.com … Continue reading

The Samoborska kremšnita

Kremšnita – Heavenly Cream The Samoborska kremšnita is known for having a puff pastry top, predominantly custard cream filling (less whipped cream) and is finished with powdered sugar. Served up in huge helpings along with a coffee, it’s a perfect … Continue reading


Christmas or New Year lunch Pašticada is traditional Dalmatian specialty that needs long preparation. Beef ham needs to be sunken in light vinegar overnight. Meat is stuffed with carrot, streaked bacon and garlic fried on the oil. Sliced meat is … Continue reading

Peach Shaped Cookies Recipe – Croatian Breskvice

Peach-shaped cookies or breskvice No wedding, christening or any big family gathering in Slavonia and Baranja is complete without these indulgent and delicious sweets. Their names Breskvice literally say what they are.  The Slavonian dining table groans most of all … Continue reading