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Christmas or New Year lunch

Pašticada is traditional Dalmatian specialty that needs long preparation. Beef ham needs to be sunken in light vinegar overnight. Meat is stuffed with carrot, streaked bacon and garlic fried on the oil. Sliced meat is put in a pot together with carrot, onion, garlic and oil. Red wine and sherry are poured. Celery, parsley, grated apples, a tea spoon of sweet paprika, cloves and nutmeg are added.
This is a great specialty usually served together with home-made pasta (so-called makaruni or njoke)
Of course, there is first meal: prosciutto, cheese and salted pilchards.


The fact is that every Dalmatian family, that keeps up the tradition has its own recipe. How many chefs, so many different recipes and everyone claims his own as the best one.

So, lets start! :)

1,5-2 kg beef round
5 garlic cloves, sliced
100 g bacon, cut into 1/2-inch pieces
wine vinegar
1 tbsp lard
1/2 cup olive oil
3 large onions, quartered
2 carrots
1 celery root, quartered
1 tsp flour
4 cloves
2 tbsp tomato purée
100 ml prosek
1 tsp sugar
1/2 cup red wine
3 lemon slices
3 prunes
salt, pepper

Take the whole block of meat and with the pointed knife make several holes up to 2-4 cm deep in different parts. You will need to push in separate holes some longish sliced pieces of garlic and bacon. After that tuck in some cloves in four or five places. Place the beef into a pan; cover with vinegar and leave it overnight.



Remove meat from vinegar. Season it with salt and pepper. Put in a roasting dish together with olive oil, lard, onions, celery root and carrots. Cover and roast for 45 minutes. Take out of the oven. Take the meat out of the sauce.



Purée the vegetables with roast dripping. Add flour, cloves, tomato purée, prosek, sugar, red wine, lemon slices and prunes. You can also add some vinegar, if you like.Cut the meat into 1 cm thick slices, and put back into the sauce. Cook until meat is tender.
Serve with potato gnocchi or home made pasta. Sprinkle with some grated parmesan cheese when serving.





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