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Hvar, Vis, Korcula

Nah, I don’t think they’re laid back. I mean, with more than 1,200 islands to visit, who can afford to be? My girlfriend and I have been island hopping in Croatia three times now and we can only remember the names of a handful, but the ferry man to Hvar seemed to know all 1244! In fact he was the one who said we should make the extra effort to visit Vis! So we left our beautiful stone house in Starigrad and headed for Vis, one of the islands furthest from the mainland. It’s very old and has a fascinating history. It was enchanting, but the best thing about the place was its yummy flat bread, which the island is famous for – we couldn’t get enough of the stuff! After Vis, we headed back to Split, the heart of Dalmatia, and then took off to explore Korcula (thought to be the birth place of Marco Polo, another busy explorer!). We dropped our bags at this devine little boutique hotel in the village of Lumbarda and went straight out to explore, and were blown away by the impressive Venetian Gothic architecture. There was so much to take in, such as the acappella mens choirs (the locals call it Klapa) and the traditional sword dancing Moreska – we just couldn’t keep up! Laid back? No way! We’ll be back again next year, once we’ve had a rest…

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  • beaverbatch

    What a great page!  I am trying to decide between Vis and Korcula, but you really make a great case for Vis.  If you had a gun to your head, which would you choose for 4 days?