Croatia-a love letter.

My Croatian holidays are the high point of my year:as soon as I return home to England,I start planning my next visit to Lijepa nasa Domovino.So much time is spent in thinking about and researching my holidays in your country.When in Croatia,I feel uplifted and inspired,yet at the same time calmed and soothed:I get complete relaxation in your country.On the flight I look eagerly for my first glimpse of your beautiful coastline and islands:when I land at Split,Dubrovnik,Pula or Zadar,I could almost kiss the ground!11 years ago was that unforgettable,blessed day when I first set foot on your soil.I didn’t know what to expect,but found what I’d always been looking for:previous foreign holidays were okay,I liked the warmth and sunshine,but somehow it wasn’t as beautiful as home in England!But,in Croatia,the blend of sea,mountains and islands,dotted with beautiful historic towns,cannot be matched!I feel at peace in Croatia.Your people are always so welcoming,more reserved than the Greeks or Italians,maybe,but they quickly respond and open up when you talk to them.I have met so many lovely people on my visits,and most younger people speak excellent English.I just count away the days till I return to Croatia.Most of my friends know nothing about Croatia,wonder why I keep going back!This June will be our 17th visit.I tell friends,go there,and you’ll see why:but I feel like “a voice crying in the wilderness.”Mere words do not do justice to Croatia’s beauty.So many sweet memories-stunning Zadar sunsets,the walk round Dubrovnik walls,the view from Mount Srd,the view from Sveti Petar over the bay to Makarska and the Biokovo mountains,the romantic beauty of Rovinj,so many wonderful boat-trips and fish picnics to lovely and lonely islands,swimming in clear Adriatic water on white pebble beaches(I now prefer your pebbles to sand),a meal and drink on Trogir’s waterfront at sunset;looking up in awe at the masterpiece that is sveti Jakov in Sibenik,waking up in the morning only to the tolling of a church bell and the braying of a donkey:how can I begin to number the memories?All I can add is to say:Croatia,you have enriched and enhanced my life so much!I tick off the days till I land at zracna luka Split on 13th June.

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  • Val

    Wow – James!! You’ve inspired me to ‘discover heaven on earth’ for myself! …and so relatively close, to home!