The best stories of travelling through Croatia!

Welcome to a place where you can read true stories of those who have spent
time in Croatia. They might inspire you, sadden you, make you too emotional,
or even envious, but one thing is for certain – you will get a real picture
of Croatia from real people who love to travel.

If you haven’t had the chance to visit, now is a good time to read what
Croatia is all about. This might help you in choosing your next destination.


  • Karen

    Been twice to Rabac, Istria. Absolutely beautiful. Would love to go again

  • Anna Helderman

    Unforgettable summer’14. Beautiful Croatia! sailing on Hana sailing boat was very relaxed and so much fun, the food was delicious too. This year we are going to Greece but we’ll come back soon!

  • miranda green

    croatia is such an amazing place i would go there every year if i could. the people are so helpful and kind and the food is amazing the beaches are so beautiful. i love croatia.

  • Mabbel90

    We loved our croatia holiday! What an amazing nature!! We booked a great apartment at and enjoyed a week stay near Pula.

  • Bina Binicki

    I’m from Canada and we ( my family ) went to Dubrovnik and all Dalmatia and we have the best holiday ever.
    Love food , peoplle , nature. For sure we’ll visit Croatia again.

  • Kerry

    We are from USA and we loved our sailing holidays with yacht charter. We have done weekly sailing trip on a catamaran for 3 years now and we are going to do that for couple of more years. Its just an amazing place with great nature, people and food.